A 5-year-old boy pulled his sister out of a burning house and then came back for the dog


The event took place in the state of Georgia. Noah Woods woke up to find the room where he and his sister were sleeping on fire. But the boy didn’t panic, he immediately grabbed the two-year-old and dragged her out the window into the street.

But that was not all, he returned to the burning house to get his dog. Only then did he run to the neighbours for help.

As the Georgia State Fire Service later reported, it was thanks to the actions of the young hero that trouble was avoided. There were six other family members in the house besides him and his sister, and they all managed to be rescued.

«We have seen children informing their parents about the danger before. However, for a five-year-old boy to be vigilant enough to do so… is quite unusual,» said Duane Jamison, head of the Bartow Fire Department.

It turned out that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the children’s bedroom. Noah and four family members suffered minor burns and minor carbon monoxide poisoning. But they were all released home and are now in perfect health.

Well, Noah has been awarded the title of Honorary Firefighter. The Woods family is currently raising funds to rebuild the house, which was destroyed by the fire.

«By the grace of God, all nine members of our family were able to get out of the house. If it hadn’t been for Noah, we might not have been there,» said Noah’s grandfather David Woods.

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