A frozen dog curled up to keep its baby warm


The homeless mother dog lay curled up in a ball with its only little puppy sleeping on top of her. She kept it as warm as she could…

Residents of the U.S. District of Columbia saw this heartbreaking scene on a cold street. A homeless mother dog lay curled up with her only puppy sleeping on top of her. The mother warmed her baby as best she could, for it was the most precious thing to her.

People who cared couldn’t get past it and immediately contacted local rescuers from the Project Freedom Ride shelter. The staff immediately went out to rescue the canine family. When they approached, they were worried about how the mother dog would react to people… But luckily, she turned out to be the kindest of souls, and quickly responded to affection.

The dog and the baby were taken to a shelter. They were examined and surprisingly no health problems were found – they had lived on the streets for so long, but the mother dog was only found to have a couple of skin injuries. Mummy was named Mina and her puppy was named Milo. Mum and son were then sent to a group home where they settled in quite quickly.

At first the dogs were still shy in their new surroundings and people, but they quickly got used to it – they started playing together a lot, wagging their tails constantly and asking for affection, and they loved bathing. The guardians have fallen in love with these adorable little dogs! For now the dog family will live in a group home, and in March they will find permanent owners for them.

Thanks to the good people for the rescue!

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