A kitten with an unknown illness looks at people with fear


A munchkin cat was left alone to fend for itself at the age of four months. When it arrived at the shelter, the staff immediately realised that the girl had a strange, unknown illness that they had never seen before in their practice.

A homeless kitten called Dollie was less than 4 months old when it was left alone to fend for itself. Luckily, the staff at the MSPCA shelter took it in and immediately realised that it was suffering from a strange, unknown disease they had never encountered before.

The munchkin cat was very weak. Its hair began to fall out and the skin on some parts of its body began to literally disappear. For example, its ears, feet and tail had deteriorated. The shelter staff did everything they could to help it and called in a dermatologist.

The doctor determined that Dollie had ischaemic dermatopathy, which is characterised by skin lesions. But the cat’s life could be saved — and the whole team helped it recover as quickly as possible with medication and special procedures. Dollie had to have one hind leg removed, but otherwise the treatment was going great. After a while it had grown a healthy coat and was much more cheerful!

Two months of treatment have now passed. The little one is already looking much better and feeling fine. They have already started looking for permanent owners for Dollie, as it can already live a full life. Of course its future owners will keep an eye on it, but this sweet little creature is full of love and gratitude, and deserves a better life! Be happy, Dollie!

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