A man was running close to the shore — and saw an animal in the rocks


The man went for a jog near the beach, and suddenly he heard a pitiful bark from somewhere over the rocks. But no dogs were around!

A San Francisco resident went for a jog by the ocean, and at one point he heard strange noises mixed with a strong breeze. It was the muffled barking of a dog — but there were no dogs around. The man decided to find the source of the barking, so he walked to the rocky shore…

There, among the big rocks, he suddenly discerned a pair of eyes that were looking at him fearfully. It was a dog, who was unknown how it had got there. The man immediately contacted local animal rescuers to ask them to help the poor dog — and one of the volunteers quickly arrived on shore.

One danger was discovered later — the tide was coming in, so they had to act quickly. When the volunteer started looking for the dog, it was no longer barking — so it was difficult. But luckily he did find it. The dog was looking at him with pitying eyes and was shaking all over, not making a sound. The man gently pulled the dog out of the rocks — it trusted him immediately, as if it knew it was coming to be rescued.

A volunteer immediately checked the dog’s condition. The dog had no injuries and was taken straight to the shelter — the first thing to do was to check for a microchip and the owners… Luckily the dog had a microchip and an owner! Its name is Gwen, and as it turned out, the dog had run away during a walk this morning, and the family had been looking for it all day.

A little later Gwen was reunited with its owners — and everyone was immensely happy about this wonderful outcome. If it hadn’t been for a concerned runner — the doggie might have sat between the rocks for a long time. Thank you for the rescue!

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