A woman went out into the garden and saw someone sleeping in her flowerbed

On a recent cloudy day in Malvern, Pennsylvania, a woman named Karen looked out into her yard and found a strange guest perched on a flower bed, looking right at her.

The poor dog was wet, dirty and frozen. Karen brought the puppy a blanket and a bowl of chicken soup and then called Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery and asked for help. Rescuer Nicole Asher was pleased that Karen responded quickly and calmly.

«She was very surprised and handled the situation perfectly without frightening the dog or scaring it away,» Asher told The Dodo.

Asher assured Karen that she should continue to give the dog food slowly and never try to run after it.

«Not chasing or following the dogs allows them to get used to the territory,» Asher said. «Karen calmly and quietly put the food down and left it to make the dog feel comfortable enough to return.»

Asher brought a dog trap and hoped the cute pup would go inside. The sleepy dog didn’t immediately take the bait.

«She finally got up after a long rest and headed straight for my trap,» Asher wrote in a Facebook post. «Moments later she was inside and finally safe.»

Usher and Karen checked the dog tags and gradually uncovered the story of the mysterious puppy. Her name was Ella, and she lived with a foster family sponsored by MatchDog Rescue when she ran away. By the time Asher caught her, Ella had been missing for over two weeks and had traveled 12 miles. Everyone was happy that Ella was safe again.

«We were overjoyed,» Asher wrote. «I immediately contacted the phone number, and after they recovered from the initial shock, there were many happy tears and cries of joy».

The rescuers quickly arrived to take Ella back to their home. Ella, tormented, was so happy to be back home and comfortable.

«The president of the rescue service came and took her to his home so that the dog could rest after the traumatic period spent on the run,» said Asher. «She immediately got comfortable and became a big fan of lying on the sofa».

Ella is certainly grateful for the soup and blankets that helped her survive her stay in the flowerbed. But now, thanks to Karen, Аsher, and MatchDog Rescue, she’s back to her real bed and soon to her own family.

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