After nearly being euthanised and waiting 500 days in an animal shelter, this dog has found a sense of happiness


Buddy has been through a lot. After almost being euthanised, the dog waited almost a year and a half in an animal shelter in Somerset, England, for kind people to open the door to their home.
Buddy ended up spending the night in an animal hospital, waiting to die. Its former owner wanted to put it to sleep. The reason? Its behaviour was deemed » suspicious». The dog is left to thank its lucky stars, but especially the pathologist: he refused to put it to sleep for good.
He refused to put the dog to sleep for good. The people at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chapter gave the dog a second chance. They gave it a second chance at life and a good family.
To this end, they held dog training sessions with a focus on positive parenting. Despite all these efforts, the white-haired dog spent 500 days in a Somerset County shelter.
But on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the organisation announced on its Facebook page the happy news: the couple had adopted Buddy! «He’s settled in and hasn’t stopped playing with his ball and walking around the playground all day,» said an RSPCA spokesperson.

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