This abused dog finally gets a chance at a better future


Angel is a beautiful name for a hound. Such was his fate: he was locked up in a kennel and regularly medicated. He was a tortured soul, even though he was innocent. Eventually his tormentors freed him from his chains and handed him over to others.
This cruel animal has been given new hope for a better life. Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan.
Other owners left him alone on the balcony for more than 12 hours a day. Angel’s hellish grip didn’t seem to loosen as he was left to himself and bathed in his own excrement. The dog trainer contacted the family and decided to contact the animal welfare organisation Au petit bonheur de nos oubliés.
Although Angel was safe outside the walls of the organisation, he still had a long way to go. His first experience in foster care was disastrous: his lack of dog socialisation and behaviour led to him attacking other dogs in the house.
Will Angel ever see the end of the tunnel?
«Life without hope is the end of life», as the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky said. Angel found himself in the abyss and finally saw a star shining in the darkness.
August 2021 was a turning point in Angel’s life. A young couple, Florian and Capuchin, who were studying to be veterinarians, offered to become foster parents for the first time.

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