Girl in India refused to marry successful surgeon because he turned out to be bald


In India, centuries-old traditions are still strong, for example, marriages here are still largely arranged. The groom’s parents look for a bride they think is suitable and propose to her parents.

They may negotiate and even exchange material goods to make a profitable marriage. The newlyweds then make preparations, and the parents invite guests. Often the newlyweds only see each other before the wedding.

This tradition has played a cruel trick on neurosurgeon Ravi Kumar. He had made a successful career and decided that now it was time to get married. He chose a young village girl whom he had seen only once.

The parents have given their consent, which means that the wedding must take place. But during the ceremony, the man took off his traditional headdress, revealing his bald head to the bride. The girl threw a real tantrum and flatly refused to marry him.

Ravi decided that returning to his native New Delhi without a bride would be a disgrace, so he contacted the local elders. On the same day, a new bride was found for him, who even agreed to marry a bald neurosurgeon.

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