He comes to his 38-year-old daughter’s office to sprinkle salt on the road: he wants nothing to happen to her.


It is taken for granted that a father or mother will do anything for their children, but it is even more remarkable when a person, even as a parent, is able to show kindness beyond the ordinary. There are men and women who do not stop caring for their children, even when they become adults, have their own families, their own lives and become independent.

The father, who happens to be the protagonist of the story, knows a thing or two about this, as he has shown his affection for his daughter in an unusual way.

In a short message posted on her Facebook page, Elizabeth Bautista Boyd, 38, highlighted the selflessness and kindness that characterised her father. «You guys… THIS IS MY DAD,» she wrote in the post. «He drove to my workplace and waited on me to arrive so I could get to work in peace. He pour a trail of salt so I wouldn’t slip on the ice.»

It was not the warmest day in the USA and the roads were covered in ice, which could have caused him some problems. What to do to avoid an accident? Elizabeth’s father found a solution: he got up early, bought a bag of salt, drove to his daughter’s workplace and created a safe passage for her before she arrived.

Caring for our children is not that uncommon, but this 38-year-old woman didn’t expect such care, and it pleasantly surprised her, as did many of the users who read this episode. Many of them spoke gratefully of this charming father, while others took a few minutes to talk about a similar experience or to think about how happy they would have been to have such a person by their side.
All in all, this kind gesture did not go unnoticed and the girl shared that she wanted people to know what a good father she had.

Has anyone ever done something so caring for you?

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