Hungry kittens shivered in the family yard

The family noticed two kittens in their yard who were freezing in the street and needed care. The kittens were shy, timid and wouldn’t leave each other’s side for anything.

Residents of the Canadian province of Ontario spotted these two little fur babies in their backyard. The humble little ones wandered around the house, looking for food and looking around with sad eyes. They were all alone and must have been living on the street without their mother for a long time, but most importantly, they were always snuggling up and protecting each other…

The people did not kick the kittens out of the yard, but left them water and food, calling several shelters in the meantime. The Dorset Rescue Kittens shelter responded to their request and staff came and set up a carrier with bait for the kittens.

The kittens were baited and brought safely to the shelter, and then a temporary care place was found for them. The kittens have been inseparable the whole time, sticking together. The staff identified them as brother and sister, named Hampshire and Shi.

In the first days, the kittens were very timid and shy, hiding in corners. But after a few days, they realised that they were safe here. They trusted their guardian, started exploring the house and playing, still staying close to each other.

Soon the brother and sister began to show their character as well – they turned out to be active, playful and talkative charmers. They often asked their guardian for affection and thanked her, although at first they were afraid when someone just approached them.

After 1.5 months in temporary care, these cuties are ready for a new chapter in life – a permanent family, which they are already looking for. The brother and sister are hoping to find the best owners who will love them with all their hearts. We wish them to find such a family!

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