«I’ve been flying planes for eight years, but people still think I’m a stewardess: I’m sick of it.»


Everyone has had a dream since childhood. An idea that they would like to realize when they grow up, but which is not always possible. Often it is a job that we would like to do, but that can be a little difficult. However, there are those who succeed and turn a passion, a desire, into their life’s profession. Unfortunately, even in positive cases like this, problems can arise.

The proof of this is the young woman in question, who decided to open a topic that is very close to her heart, so that people understand how important it is to end prejudice against people.

Sabrina Johnson has eight years of flying experience despite being a pilot at the age of 22, but she had people asking if she is a flight attendant when she puts on her work uniform

A young pilot said she was being mistaken as a flight attendant by gate agents at airports several times despite wearing her uniform.

Sabrina Johnson shared her frustration on TikTok and said it’s «jarring» to her when airport workers failed to recognise pilot uniforms.

The 22-year-old said it’s a «common occurrence» and in the video she sat down in the plane in a full shirt and tie — showing off her three-striped epaulette on her shoulders.

«Gate agent looked me in the eye today asked if I was the flight attendant,» Sabrina said.

«I had someone hand me their bag once.»

Viewers were convinced that the staff did it to her on purpose, as one said: «As a flight attendant, I’m offended for you. Unacceptable. They know our uniforms.»

A second said: «I think everyone knows what a pilot uniform looks like how do they not know?»

Sabrina replied in the comments: «It’s either they don’t understand the epaulettes or they can’t believe it.

«It’s most girl pilots I know. But I have a platform to share the experience, so I do.»

Other women who work in male-dominant fields said they also got mistaken as «assistants» or «designers», rather than «engineers» and «surgeons».

Sabrina explained in another video that people sometimes felt uncomfortable when she said she’s a helicopter and airline pilot at just 22.

She said: «I have eight years of flying experience.

«I had very supportive parents, I started flying at 14 and I did what’s called my very first solo where I’m completely alone in the airplane on my 16th birthday.

«I became a private pilot at 17 years old where I could take people and fly by myself, it was awesome.

I graduated college at 20 as a flight instructor with my helicopter private pilot license, my instrument rating, my commercial license and a degree with a minor — I studied every winter, summer, fall, I had very little to no social life.

«When you look at me and you see a 22-year-old flying your airline around your country or flying a helicopter, just know that I have eight years of experience under my belt.

«By the time I’m 34, I will have had 20 years old experience with aviation. I just started early and you can too.»

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