Little girl for the first time wore glasses and clearly sees the environment

To look around, to see things, landscapes, faces and from a young age to understand how beautiful the world is — is something that does not leave indifferent. However, not everyone is lucky to have perfect vision, so to improve it you need to use glasses. However, getting used to them is not easy, and especially the little ones may have something to say about this.

This is exactly what happened in the story we want to tell you. However, the baby changed her mind and did it in a very nice way.

Lonnie is a 14-month-old girl who became a star on the Internet thanks to a remarkable reaction when she first wore glasses.

In the video posted on Twitter, you can see the moment when they try to put them on her. Unwilling and fearful of a new object, the girl initially resists and tries to «run away», but once they manage to get her to wear glasses, everything changes.

The girl began to look around and literally could not believe her eyes. For the first time in her short life, she could see everything, including the faces of her loved ones, and that made her speechless. Her big eyes were huge, and her head was wandering back and forth.

The beauty of this moment touched the hearts of many people on the Internet who in the comments expressed their joy that the little creature first saw the world around herself. «It brightened my day,» a person wrote. «You’re beautiful.»

We hope that Lonnie can continue to see the world with those same eyes, and that day after day, she will be surprised at all the beautiful things that we want her to see in her life.

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