Lost Texas dog finds its way to former shelter and rings rescuers’ doorbell asking for help


A lost dog has found its way back to its family thanks to a surprisingly clever trick.

In January, a rescue dog called Bailey, who was recently adopted by the El Paso Animal Rescue League of Texas, went missing from its new home.

Bailey’s parent contacted the El Paso Animal Rescue League and informed the shelter about the dog’s disappearance. To help find the dog, the shelter posted information about Bailey on social media.

«This beautiful girl — Bailey — was lost in the area of Mesa and Sunland Park, on the west side. She is very friendly. If you spot her or find her, please call,» the El Paso Animal Rescue League wrote on Jan. 29, along with several photos of Bailey.

According to KFOX14, the rescue’s followers did not immediately start reporting when they spotted Bailey, but it turned out the shelter did not need them.

Early on Jan. 31, Bailey surprised the Animal Rescue League of El Paso by coming to them. The dog showed up at the shelter and rang the doorbell looking for help.

«Bailey is now safe. To all those who searched, spotted, called, hoped — we thank you. As we know, dogs are incredible. Bailey made her own way back to ARL and rang our ring doorbell at 1:15 am, saying she wanted in. Staff rushed to the shelter and put Bailey in her run,» the rescue posted with a photo of Bailey taken by the facility’s doorbell camera.

Loretta Hyde, the founder of Animal Rescue League of El Paso, told KFOX14 that she was amazed that the dog found her way back to the shelter, especially considering her new home is 10 miles away.

«These dogs are smarter than people give them credit for. How did she know what direction to go?» Hyde said.

It is unclear how Bailey spent her time away from home, but she is now back to settling in with her forever family after her detour at the Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

Hyde hopes Bailey’s return to the shelter is a sign of a pleased client.

«Strays want to go back to us. They love our shelter,» she told KFOX14.

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