Paddy, 85, dances simply superbly on Britain’s Got Talent… The iconic duo prove that age is just a number

Paddy was 85 when she came to Britain’s Got Talent to show the world that she could dance. With Nico’s help, she managed to fool the judges into thinking their performance would be boring.

They deliberately started the dance slowly. Everyone thought that would be the end of it for the performers. Then they surprised everyone when the music got faster.

Nico suddenly picked Paddy up, as if she were weightless, and started spinning and twirling her around. He even helped her do a few twists and somersaults in the air.

It was thanks to their skill and charisma that they received the «Golden Buzzer» for their performance. Since then, they have never looked back and danced better and better every time.

Their subsequent performances have always been excellent. They had color-coordinated outfits and even supporting dancers who helped create the atmosphere. In one of the performances there was a song about their journey.

When the judges watched them dance, there were always wide smiles on their faces. Added to those were worries as it was impossible to forget Paddy’s age.

The iconic duo proved that age was just a number. Paddy was a fantastic dancer, even better than many people younger than her.


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