People heard a pitiful barking from a box left near the trash


There was a small box lying by the garbage, from which people heard the pitiful barking and squeaking. It was impossible to look at it without pity and sadness.

There is one animal rescue organization on St. Lucia, HelpAWS. It is not-for-profit, and it exists only due to volunteers and ordinary people. Recently one of the employees was about to leave work, when suddenly she noticed a box not far from the organization building, from which someone was barking pitifully…

The box was next to the trash, and when the woman approached, she saw little puppies inside. The poor things were frightened and exhausted-apparently someone had left them there on purpose for the shelter staff to notice. But why in such an irresponsible way?

A coworker quickly called her colleagues, and they moved the puppies into the shelter building. They were examined and tested – fortunately, the puppies had no injuries or illnesses. At first the pups were frightened and stressed, but after a while they realized that they were helped here and there was no reason to worry.

The puppies began to be sensitively cared for, and they quickly grew up. The little ones proved to be active and playful, and with each passing day they opened up more and more to people. When they were old enough, the volunteers started looking for owners for the puppies.

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