People think this mannequin is a real corpse of a bride because of how realistic it looks

There is a wedding dress shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, which has been quite famous for some time. They are not known for what you think they are. They do sell wedding dresses and bridal outfits. However, most people visit this shop looking for answers about an urban legend. In the window is a mannequin displaying dresses that has been there for more than 75 years. Its nickname is La Pasqualita. The owner of the shop 75 years ago was Pascuala Esparza, hence the nickname.

La Pasqualita is rumoured to be the preserved body of the shop owner’s daughter. You might not believe it’s a real person if you look at the mannequin from a distance, but get a closer look and then draw your own conclusions.

The daughter of the original shopkeeper was bitten by a black widow on her wedding day and died. It is said that her mother wanted to preserve her beauty and leave her forever clothed in the most beautiful dresses.

Some say it is just a wax figure, but many believe that these details would not have been there if it had been made 75 years ago. At that time, the development of wax sculpture had not yet reached that level.

The original owner denied any claim that it was her daughter, but word spread pretty quickly and no one believed her.

It is said that at night La Pasqualita changes position and her eyes follow you wherever you go.

The details on the hands make people suspect that this is a real person who has been preserved. It’s actually very creepy.

The fingernails and lines on the hands are what make this rumour so believable. There are even very small hairs on the hands, just like on a real hand.

Many locals consider La Pasqualita a saint. People leave gifts for her and often pray to her.

The shop owner and a few very trusted employees are the only ones who have the right to strip and change La Pascualita, so only they know the real truth. The only way to find out for sure is to go to Chihuahua, Mexico, and see for yourself. What do you think? Even though it’s very creepy, I’d like to believe it’s real, looking at those hands.

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