Ralphie, a «demon» dog adopted by a » happy» owner who is «totally in love» with a puppy


Ralphie left Niagara County SPCA and moved to a «happy place» with his parents, who are eager to love and train the dog.

Ralphie, the «demon» dog, has found a heavenly home.

The dog first made headlines in January when the Niagara Country SPCA Shelter published information about it on Facebook.

In its adoption report, the New York shelter described a 26-pound dog as a «fire-breathing demon» and «a complete jerk — not even half».

«Ralphie is a horror in a small package,» Niagara Country SPCA shared with social media before adding details about the dog’s bad behavior.

The comic and brutally honest post on Facebook brought Ralphie many fans and applications for adoption.

While Niagara County SPCA worked to find a suitable home for Ralphie, the shelter reported that the dog was learning to be a «true gentleman».

Then, on February 2, the organization announced on Facebook that the «terrible Ralphie» was adopted, and in continuation of this news published another post detailing the new home of this pet.

In a subsequent February 4 report, Niagara County SPCA shared a note from Ralphie’s mother about his early days as a foster dog.

«I am totally in love!!! He is delightful… I was literally wondering where the name «Demon Dog» came from, and then I saw a few things… although I’m sure that’s not something that we can’t work out!» — said in a note from Ralphie’s parent.

«He found a happy place with me because he saved me the same way I saved him… I feel blessed!» she added.

According to the new pet owner, Ralphie is working on his housetraining, curbing his nipping, and learning how to ask for things nicely. He responds well to the «secret training treat» of sliced hot dogs.

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