The cruel owner kept the dog on a short chain for years, which was digging into its throat


When you read stories like this, it’s astounding how heartless people can be…

Kala is an unhappy dog who has lived most of her life with an abusive owner from Costa Rica. The man kept her on such a short chain that the dog could not put her head down.

Kala couldn’t breathe properly, her owner constantly swore at her and beat her, eventually the neighbours complained about the cruel treatment of the animals, and Kala was taken to the Territorio de Zaguates shelter.

Kala could not stand on her feet as her owner had hardly fed her. The dog’s body was riddled with wounds and abrasions. It is unlikely that she would have survived long in such dreadful conditions…

The shelter staff wanted to help the poor dog, but she trusted no one: she was frightened and stiff. Gradually, through suffering, but Kala began to recover.

The shelter staff managed to teach Kala to walk and to trust people again. It was an uphill struggle, but it didn’t end!
And gradually they succeeded

Kala became smiling and cheerful, but even after her recovery she faced cruelty. Doghunters operating in the area fed her and 15 other dogs with poisoned sausages. No one except Kala survived…

Kala is a tough nut to crack and is willing to fight for life to find happiness.

Kala is now living with a new loving family: she is stubborn and capricious and very spoiled by her new owners, but the dog certainly deserves it.

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