The dog fell under the ice during a walk

An cautionary story about how important it is to look after your pets while walking — especially when they’re close to water. That poor St Bernard fell under the ice of the reservoir on a walk.

Last week, a dog named Mumford suddenly fell under the ice of the reservoir, walking with the owner in Colorado, USA. The owner did not see how the pet went on the ice and fell into the water. A frightened 70-pound St. Bernard rushed from side to side in the water, but the owner, fortunately, contacted the rescuers in time.

A whole team of animal rescuers and firefighters came to help the St. Bernard. They carefully approached the dog, and successfully pulled out Mumford. Once on the shore, he began to happily wag his tail and sniff the rescuers as a sign of gratitude!

The dog was not injured. His owner was happy to be reunited with their pet, and will surely remember this lesson for the future — and will look after him more. This story once again proves how important it is to take care of our furries and follow them on walks.

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