The frightened dog was afraid to let people near it

The skinny and hungry dog was found in an abandoned building. It had been coming there to eat food that residents had left for a colony of stray cats.

A resident of the US state of Illinois periodically leaves food for stray cats that live on an abandoned property. This time she was driving to the place as usual when she suddenly noticed a dog on the abandoned property. She stopped to see what the lone dog was doing there.

There was a man nearby — he told her that this dog often came here to eat the food that was left for the cats. The poor thing was hungry, skinny and dirty. When the woman saw it, she could not contain her emotions — she wanted to help it. When she approached, the timid dog immediately moved aside, afraid to approach people…

The woman contacted several shelters — and only one, Gateway Pet Guardians, volunteered to help. When staff arrived to pick up the dog, it was already hiding in an abandoned building. It was asleep on an old sofa, and with frightened eyes it looked at the rescuers… Only after a while did they manage to get the dog a bit placated, and the staff took it to the shelter. All the sadness was over.

The dog was given the name Bon Bon and began to be looked after. Once it was at the shelter and realised that it was now completely safe, the dog blossomed. It is now living at the shelter, gaining weight and recovering from its experience. They’re already looking for permanent owners for the dog. Be happy, gorgeous!

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