The frozen dog immediately rushed to the woman who decided to help it


On a day when temperatures outside were near record lows, a woman spotted a stray dog by the roadside. It was shivering from the cold and was clearly dehydrated and hungry.

Last week, the American city of St Louis experienced near-record low temperatures. Our little brothers suffered as well… One stray dog wandered by the road, shivering with fear and cold. On top of that, the poor thing was limping and clearly hungry and dehydrated…

It was spotted by a local woman passing by in her car. She couldn’t leave the dog behind, so she contacted animal rescuers. When the rescuers arrived, at first they were afraid to approach the dog too quickly — there was no telling how it would behave after living on the streets.

But it turned out to be simple. As soon as the female volunteer approached the dog, it immediately rushed towards her with kisses, full of love and trust. It was very grateful and well aware that it was being helped. The volunteer immediately saw that its back leg was injured, so she was careful with it. The dog was then gently carried to the car.

«It was such a relief for him, his eyes lit up with happiness. He couldn’t stop showing his love and was grateful to be rescued from the cold,» said the volunteer, Alisha. The dog was then taken to a shelter, where they examined it and started treating its injured paw.

The doggie is called Mac and is well on its way to recovery. Mac has turned out to be very sweet, kind and friendly! They are already looking for permanent owners, so let’s wish Mac finds a better home!

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