The hero was arrested for rescuing his own dog from a burning building


The connection between people and their dogs is indisputable. Love for our pets is as deep as love for people. For most people, a pet is like another family member who is willing to do whatever it takes to help or protect. Animals are very smart, but they can never understand the human world. When a person they have been counting on for years suddenly leaves them in a crisis, they don’t know what to do. Dogs are so loyal that many of them will wait for their person, even if it means their death. So this man’s act for his dog is incredibly noble, but not surprising. What happened after is really shocking and disgusting. I would have made the same decision as this man, even though I knew the consequences of my actions. This story is incredibly emotional and heartbreaking at the same time. Look and think about what you would do in this terrible situation.

A fire started in Premier West Apartments in West Memphis, Tennessee and quickly spread throughout the building. Firefighters were working hard to contain and reduce the size of the blaze. However, there was not much water left, and the fire was continuing to spread.

Rescuers started to move people away from the building and the inferno as it was clear it was growing more and more out of control. Jarrod Martin was one of the residents of the apartment complex. His dog Bishop was still trapped inside his apartment with flames mere feet away. Firefighters kept insisting they would get to the dog in time, but Jarrod couldn’t take waiting any longer.

Though he was warned that he would be arrested if he tried to get near the apartment, Jarrod could not let his best friend stay in there to die without at least trying something. So Jarrod charged through the police line and hoisted himself up onto his apartment’s balcony within seconds. He then smashed open his patio door and grabbed Bishop, hoisted him up and let him jump off the side of the patio to safety. Only then did Jarrod worry about himself and climb down.

Jarrod grabbed Bishop and carried him to safety away from the flames. The look on Bishops face right here shows everything you need to see. You can tell he was absolutely terrified and didn’t know what as going on or where his human was to protect him. Luckily though he was ok and no worse for the wear.

The story takes a turn at this point however. Jarrod had potentially put firefighters and police in danger with his actions, and this caused the police to place him under arrest for Disorderly Conduct and Reckless Endangerment. When asked about why he was arrested, authorities stated that when Jarrod smashed his patio door open, he could have let in enough oxygen to where it could have caused a back draft and an explosion within the apartment.

Jarrod says he doesn’t regret his decision in the slightest, even with the charges he now faces. I would have made the same decision, even with the consequences already laid out on the table. Two misdemeanors would be nothing for the life and safety of my dog.

Bishop is doing well, and seems to be back to his old playful and goofy self. The love of a pet owner is never something to underestimate.

Check out the amazing story of this dog saved from a burning building:

Being faced with the decision of saving your dog but facing criminal charges for doing so is never something anyone should have to go through. To some people it is like telling them if they try to save their children they will be charged. Jarrod should have never been put in the position he was. Firefighters have a very difficult job, but some lives should come before anything else. Even if those lives belong to animals.

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