The owner thought she would never see her puppy again when it jumped into the river


The owner feared she would never see her new puppy again when it ran along the embankment and jumped into the river.

A family from New York recently adopted a 6-month-old puppy called Bear. But not just for fun, but as a therapy dog. He is trained to respond when his owner has an epileptic seizure — and the family’s son suffers from epilepsy.

Not long ago, however, Bear showed that he still has plenty of skills. His owner went with him to the pet shop to buy him a smaller collar. As they approached the shop, the dog suddenly slipped out of the large collar and ran off. The taste of freedom stupefied him — the puppy ran 30 blocks along the Hudson River while the owner tried to catch up with the fugitive.

The dog jumped into the water and swam off in an unknown direction when he saw the river nearby. The owner immediately contacted the rescue team — but she was afraid she wouldn’t see her puppy again because of the low temperatures… That day, alas, the rescuers were unable to locate the puppy.

On the second day there was no information either… It wasn’t until the third day that the local fire brigade reported a call — they were told there was a puppy barking under the pier. The fire brigade reached the spot by boat and found Bear there. He had huddled under the pier and was barking, probably realising his mistakes. He was taken to a veterinary clinic. Fortunately, his health was fine.

That same day, Bear was taken back to his family — safe and sound. «He must have enjoyed his triathlon marathon. Bear ran more than two kilometres and swam one and a half,» said the owner. The whole family, and especially the son, were delighted to see the runner back. Also, Bear made a lot of news headlines afterwards and became a star. Such an adventure it turned out to be.

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