The shelter cat all people bring back because of its special character

Sheltered and abandoned animals deserve love the most. Alas, this furry lady is not very lucky. Kitty can not find a loving home, and she has been returned five times — because of «character features».

About a year ago, a cat named Seren was brought to one of the shelters in the UK. The owner decided to give her away after she did not make friends with her boyfriend’s cat. So 12-year-old Seren was left alone in the shelter. Employees immediately realized that she was a cat with character.

Veterinarians checked Seren — she was absolutely healthy, so they immediately began to look for new owners for the cat. Alas, during this time, no one took the lady forever. She has already been taken from the shelter 5 times, and the same number of times returned back.

Everyone thought Seren had a strange character. To some, the kitty seemed too demanding, to other people — very emotional. But the staff explained that all cats are different, and that Seren is a unique lady who just needs understanding. She may be nervous at first and take a long time to adapt to a new place, and she is also very fond of «giving voice» and asking for what she needs by meowing.

At the moment volunteers are looking for a home for Seren without other cats or children, where she will be welcomed and loved as she is. Seren has already been nicknamed «Britain’s Most Fussy Cat» online, but she’s not embarrassed by this! Seren is who she is, albeit with a «less than ideal» personality.

«I love Seren because of how unique she is and how much she meows. She can ask you to caress her for a long time, but all she has to do is just lie down on your lap and ask you to pet her,» said one of the shelter employees who takes care of the cat.

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