The shy cat approached the woman, looking with hungry eyes

A stray cat approached the food truck, and the employee noticed it right away. But the cat stood modestly aside and watched — it didn’t even ask for food.

An American woman named Avery was working in a hot dog truck when suddenly she saw one hungry «guest». Next to the van was a stray kitty, who modestly hinted that it wanted to eat. But it didn’t insist — it just stood with the cars nearby, peering inside from afar.

The employee had seen it the whole time, but could only get out of the van at the end of her shift. The cat was still sitting — politely and modestly waiting for something to eat. The woman gave the cat a sausage — it immediately ate it with a huge appetite.

«I thought it would run away or be afraid of me after that, but it came to me,» the woman said. The cat was very affectionate and grateful, and didn’t even resist being held. It was as if it and Avery hit it off right away, and the woman decided to help the cat. She took it to the vet. No microchip was found on it — which meant it was definitely homeless. Besides, they didn’t find any health problems with the cat and determined that it was about 1 year old. Then the woman decided it was fate…

The woman took the cat with her and she and her husband decided that it was now their pet! The cat was named Blue, and since that day it has been living happily with its new owners. That’s how the homeless little girl fatedly came to the van, and found the most loving home!

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