The vet knitted a special ‘ears’ for the dog

A dog named Willie suffered a lot in two years of his life. He lost his ears, and unfortunately, the owner put him in an orphanage. However, there was still a lot of love in this baby’s heart.

A 2-year-old pit bull mix called Willie Wonka has been through a lot. This poor creature lost his ears during a conflict with the neighbour’s dogs. Willie was taking a quiet walk in the backyard and the neighbour’s dogs broke through the fence to reach him. The meeting ended sadly.

Willie’s auditory passages are undamaged, and his hearing is intact — but unfortunately not his ears. He needed surgery and treatment, which his owner could not pay. Then the dog was transferred to the SPCA shelter.Willie was given the necessary treatments and began to be sensitively cared for.

This charming boy immediately showed how strong and brave he was. He stood through all the difficulties and quickly recovered from the surgery. All the employees of the shelter immediately fell in love with him for how kind and cheerful he is. And not just the employees — Willie’s story soon became known to millions of people.

A little later, one of the vets at the centre, John, made a very special present for Willie. He knitted the dog’s «ears» on a headband. The gift suited him very well and everyone around him loved it, as Willie became even more adorable wearing the ears.

«The ears» made a splash on the web as well, where they made Willie very popular. So new owners were found for him! He now lives with a family who has another dog who was rescued from a shelter. Willie is happy, and most importantly, close to him are people who love him for who he is!

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