Two-time winner of the «golden bulletin» Angelica Hale impresses with the performance of «Impossible»

A very talented Angelica Hale was one of ten finalists who came on stage on «America’s Got Talent: The Champions» to show the world who would become the «champion of champions». Full of courage, an 11-year-old said, «I came to fight for my place».

Her life story is fascinating. She says she wants to be the next Whitney Houston. She thought it was impossible to leave the hospital and be where she is. However, she did — and she will do her best to win the AGT Championship and fulfill her dream.

Her first performance was on America’s Got Talent, where she placed second behind Darcy Lynn Farmer in 2017. She received the «Golden Buzzer» on the original show, and then again received the second «Golden Buzzer» from Howie Mandela and advanced to the finals of the «AGT Champions» series.

She took the AGT to a new level when she entered the stage confidently and performed an exciting number. Angelica chose to perform the hit song «Impossible» and struck everyone with her angelic voice.

With two golden Buzzers it is clear that it never disappoints. Captured viewers sang along, waving their phones in time. Her performance was impeccable, and Angelica seems like a girl very determined to win the grand prize this year.

Given her very young age and stunning voice, the judges appreciate her exemplary performance. The judges praised her success and noted her aspiration to participate in the competition. Mel B said, «That was amazing!»

With her performance and dedication, Angelica may well earn the title for which she struggles so hard.

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