A three-year-old dog sits next to an empty hospital bed, waiting for its owner, who is no longer alive


The loyalty of dogs has long been known and needs no confirmation.
Yet our four-legged friends constantly surprise us with their loyalty and win people’s hearts.
A Facebook group dealing with rescued dogs in northeastern New Jersey, USA, posted a single photo.
The dog waits for its owner to return. But he is dead. Underneath the photo it says that Moose is a Labrador cross. It is remarkable in that it loves everyone without exception.
Moose needs a family more than ever to love it and help it through its grief. Social media users were shocked by the story and the photo and started sharing the information. In the first two days alone, the post received more than 5,000 likes and more than 4,000 shares.
Thanks to the internet, Moose was moved from the shelter to its new home in less than a week.
Luckily, the dog is already with good people.

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