Boy secretly put up for adoption: Prince Charles’s illegitimate son reveals his existence


The royal family is always a great cause for gossip and more and more gossip. Such is the case with the British royal family. One of the most obvious » hooligans» among the British family is Prince Charles, who at one time had an affair with a person named Camilla. Oh, this blatant affair was discussed all over the world! Elizabeth II did not approve of the affair, especially since her heir had ended his marriage to Diana Spencer because of these feelings. But the man did not care about the opinion of the people around him or even the closest people. It was as if he was stupefied by this girl. After a while they married, but they never had any children together.

But was it really like that? As it turned out, the couple did have a child. From such a «wrong» sexual relationship a boy was born who they decided to give away to another family. This was done on purpose, as they did not want to ruin the royal reputation. How important that reputation was at the time! The boy is now fifty-five years old and has contacted the tabloids himself and told his story. Moreover, at the time Princess Diana was involved in a car accident, she was already aware of the existence of the child out of wedlock, so she was upset and intended to go public with the fact. Quite an understandable act for a cuckolded woman. It’s a shame she never got to carry out her plans.

Simon himself decided to dedicate his story to everyone. He says he was born in a year when there was no rumour of Charles and Camilla having an affair, and no one knew about the relationship, not even a clue. He was adopted by a couple whose relative worked in the Queen’s court. She had told the boy many times, almost constantly, about his true origins. That is, she did not even think of hinting or hiding it, she simply expressed the fact openly, as if he had not been illegitimately born.

The photos show that the heir apparent is very similar to Camilla’s brother, and some claim a resemblance to the Queen herself. There is an opinion among the couple that the whole of Buckingham Palace knew that there was an illegitimate child, and it is also possible that just because Diana tried to uncover this fact, she died, so that this mystery died with her in the grave. But all secrets sooner or later come to light.

The story of this scandalous couple began back in 1970 when they decided to officially start dating. However, for some reason, they realised that they were completely different. Each decided to cement their relationship with the bonds of marriage to other people. And they ended up becoming each other’s lovers.

The man intends to go all the way, confident that he wants to know the truth and find his true roots in order to soothe his soul. Understandably for the royal family — this will not be the best and most pleasant news, so no comment on the announcement has been made yet.

Simon assures that he is ready to have a DNA test that will show his connection to the royal bloodline. And while the other side is silent and in no way obstructing his actions, we can only wait for the disclosure of the results, which will shed light on this interesting piece of royal life.

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