“Rest in peace, Gerard Pique”: Shakira tramples on ex in new song


The relationship between the singer and the footballer lasted 12 years, with the couple raising two children together. It turned out that the athlete was not a faithful partner. His new partner, by the way, also took a beating in the song.

Colombian singer Shakira (real name Shakira Isabel Mebarac Ripol. – Ed.) has destroyed her former chosen footballer, ex-Barcelona player Gerard Pique in a new song. The track, which refers to the break-up with the athlete, she recorded in a duet with Argentine DJ Bizarrap as part of the 53rd installment of “music sessions”. The lyrics of the song not only trashed the unfaithful Pique, but also his new chosen one.

“You work out a lot, but you don’t do much brainwork.”

“You claimed to be a champion, but when I needed you so badly, you showed the worst version of yourself.”

“I won’t come back to you even if you cry and beg.”

“A she-wolf like me is not for the likes of you.”

“I wish you all the best with my replacement. You traded in your Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded in your Rolex for a Casio,” are just some of the killer lines sung by Shakira.

As the singer noted in her composition, love is one step away from hate. Truly. She also added that her ex did not hurt her, but made her stronger by his action.

Pique and Shakira split in the summer of 2022 after 12 years in a relationship. The couple never registered their marriage, although they have had two children in the meantime, Milan and Sascha. According to press reports, the footballer cheated on the singer, one of the lovers was said to be 23-year-old student Clara Chia Marti, who worked in his production company. Apparently, she was compared to a Casio watch by the cheating singer.

According to one media version, the athlete cheated on the performer right in their home, and the affair with the young lover lasted for quite some time – the girl lived in the couple’s mansion while Shakira travelled with her children. The footballer was also accused of having an affair with the mother of his 17-year-old teammate Gavi. After the scandalous break-up, Shakira won a custody tribunal for her sons. Pique can now only see his boys with the consent of his ex.

And today, Shakira struck again. She performed a new song in the studio of famous Argentine DJ and producer Bizarrap. And it’s not just a track, but a full-fledged diss – the lyrics are just filled with punch lines about Pique and his new girlfriend.

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