Shelter puppy gets new life from actor Taylor Lautner


Judging by her name, Remi has had a rough start. But today she has the life of her dreams thanks to Taylor Lautner, the world-famous actor from the Twilight saga.
Remi was born in the middle of a field. Her mother, a Belgian sheepdog from Malines, was abandoned in the wild when she was pregnant and gave birth alone, without any help. Nevertheless, she managed to look after her babies for 15 long days before a good Samaritan spotted her.
The Labelle Foundation, based in Los Angeles, USA, adopted the dogs and put them up for adoption. «An amazing family adopted a mother and eight puppies when they had a dog themselves. We took Remi in as quickly as we could when the baby was 10 weeks old,» Taylor Lautner told The Dodo.
Remi has been living with Taylor Lautner and his partner for a year now. She has grown into a well-mannered, mature dog who makes her owners very happy.

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