A guy broke up with his girlfriend after seeing her without makeup.


Barbara’s story came up on Instagram. She was constantly ashamed of her appearance and tried to disguise it using a lot of cosmetics. The girl started giving beauty tips in her blog. Her Instagram page is followed by more than three hundred thousand users. Barbara liked Edward, who visited her page.

A determined guy wrote her and they immediately started to communicate. The friendship began to grow into something more. After nice meetings, she moved in with Edward. Barbara got up early to put on makeup, Edward didn’t want to see her without makeup. He didn’t mind that she always looked pretty. But over time, the girl came to the conclusion that she no longer wanted to hide her real appearance.

And Barbara told her friend that they were in love and that make-up was unnecessary.

Her friend supported her and advised Barbara to appear in front of Edward without makeup. But after seeing her real appearance, he began to distance himself from her. Barbara began to notice that Edward had become acquainted with other girls, and one day she met him on the street with a brunette.

Barbara thought she was beautiful, but she knew all about the wonders of make-up. The young man chose a girl for himself, interested only in her looks but not in her insides. Barbara broke up with the guy without regret and posted a candid video on her blog.

In the video she showed herself without an ounce of make-up, a message to others that we should love ourselves for who we are. You can’t let other people dictate how you should look.

Do you accept yourself for who you are?

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