He lets his classmate rewrite the test while he’s standing in line to pass the exam.


It’s normal to be nervous while passing an exam, whether at school or university. However, as the deadline approaches, times become more and more tense. In these cases, there are actions that show what true friendship between classmates is, even though it’s not really the right thing to do.

As an example, a video shared on TikTok by Ale Flores showed the exact moment a student helped his friend in the middle of an exam.

Flores shared a video on his page @ale_flores1407: The footage captures the moment when a student finishes an exam, but before handing the answer sheet to the teacher, he decides to share it with his friend. With his hands behind his back in an expectant pose, the young man turns over the completed sheet and lets his friend rewrite all the answers he is obviously trying to find. The young man does not seem to care about the consequences of this action: he has taken the risk of reaching out to his friend.

Many students may object to such a move: after all, copying is the easiest solution for lazy students, but there are also those who feel insecure during exams, even if they have studied properly.

The video on TikTok has received more than 8 million views. What’s more, the actions of two young students made users think back to their high school days. «It reminded me of when I used to do this with my classmates! Actually, not all of them were my friends, but I never paid attention to that. I always helped people in need in those situations,» one girl wrote. «He’s not a friend: he’s a brother, keep him close!» — commented one user.

What do you think? Did you appreciate the altruistic gesture or do you disapprove of such actions, despite the good intentions?

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