She found out she was pregnant two hours before she gave birth: in nine months there was no rounded belly, no strange wishes


How can a woman not know she is pregnant? Apparently, the chances are not quite zero, considering the cases that have occurred in recent years. Even the young woman in this story apparently knew nothing about her pregnancy, so much so that she only found out a few hours before giving birth. No sudden cravings for food and, most importantly, no rounded belly that heralded a joyous event. It was certainly an atypical pregnancy that stunned many people. Let’s take a closer look at the story of this young mother.

Bri Blanton became a mother in a very special way… without realising it! At the age of just 18, the young American shocked the Internet when she claimed to have realised she was pregnant only hours before giving birth. After her pregnancy ended, Bree began to feel the first real symptoms and realised something was clearly wrong. The girl woke up with severe abdominal pain and immediately informed her mother, Jennifer Blackwell. The mother didn’t hesitate to take her daughter to the hospital, where a nurse told them both the incredible news: Bri was about to give birth to a baby girl!

A few hours after the news was announced, little Okley was born, and Bri was happy to welcome her daughter into her life.

Although she almost didn’t expect to become a mother, now Bri is happier than ever, holding her baby girl, Ockley: «When I was told I was pregnant and about to give birth, I couldn’t believe it. I kept telling my mum, ‘It can’t be.’ After she was born they put her in my arms and my mum said I looked like a lost feral cat looking at her. It took me about four hours after she was born to realise what was going on.»

Bri’s mother, Jennifer, was also stunned by the event, as she had taken a pregnancy test a few months before, which turned out to be negative. Moreover, in her nine months of pregnancy, Bri had not acquired a belly and was even able to appear in a bikini without arousing any suspicions.

«In any case, Oakley is a blessing and to see Brie becoming a mum is really beautiful,» confirms Jennifer, a young grandmother who is only 36 years old.

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