The story of an incredibly touching photograph: a woman carrying her sailor husband with two amputated limbs on her back


It’s no surprise that a married couple is posting pictures of themselves on the Internet.

But the picture of this particular couple made the rounds of social media for an extremely unusual reason.

If you look at the bottom of the picture, you will see this.
It is a picture of a woman carrying her sailor husband with two amputated limbs.
The photo was taken during a family trip to Idaho. This is the story of Jesse and Kelly Cottle of San Diego, California, which is worth retelling.

Jesse joined the Marine Corps in 2003 and after six years of service was deployed to Afghanistan to defuse improvised explosive devices.

Unfortunately, Jesse became disabled because of an incident that happened suddenly. «I couldn’t sleep. It was hell, but I still believed that I would get through this horrible situation, I had to cling to life. I had to live for my family, for my good friends. In particular, my faith saved me,» Jesse testified.

Upon his return, he had the opportunity to compete in a swim meet, where he met Kelly, the woman of his life.
«I remember how much he was interested in swimming,» Kelly said.
They immediately fell in love and got married.

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