A street cat ran up to the man, as if wanting to ask for something


A man saw a stray cat near the car park. It was malnourished and hungry, and he couldn’t just walk past it. When the man saw it, the cat was not confused and came straight towards him…

A New Yorker noticed this stray cat near the car park. He decided to go closer, and only when the cat saw that it was being noticed did it come towards the man. The cat was very affectionate and gentle, even though it had lived on the streets for an unknown length of time.

The cat was skinny, dehydrated and hungry, and really wanted affection. The man couldn’t leave it there to fend for itself, so he immediately contacted the local rescue centre, Saving Belladonna. The cat was then handed over to volunteers.

The staff at the shelter also fell in love with this affectionate madam – she wanted everyone to hold her and was immensely grateful for the rescue. She was given the nickname Flamingo, and after a health check, she was sent to a group home. There the kitty quickly settled in.

She was about to be spayed, but her guardian suddenly noticed something strange – the cat’s belly was getting rounder. The next day they took the cat to the clinic and did an ultrasound – it turned out she was pregnant! From that moment on, the mother-to-be was given even more care.

Although Flamingo was pregnant, her belly didn’t get much bigger, and her guardians thought she would give birth to a maximum of two kittens. But when the time came, the kitty gave birth to six adorable and healthy babies! Now they are growing up, and mommy is extremely attentive and sensitive to them.

When the babies are old enough, families will be found for them and for Flamingo herself. Thanks for the rescue!

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