New wife forces a man to get rid of the child from a previous marriage, soon she has to pack her things — Drama of the Day


When a man married another woman after the sudden death of his wife, he thought she would live peacefully with his son. Soon he overheard his new wife talking on the phone, which forced him to kick her out of the house.

When Lindsay first met her boyfriend Gary, he was still recovering from the shock of his wife’s death. Lindsay extended a helping hand to help him through his grief, and encouraged him on hard days.

Gary soon fell in love with Lindsay and decided to marry her. But before he could tie the knot, he needed to make sure his son Anthony felt comfortable in her company.

When he introduced Lyndsey to Anthony, he was surprised at how well they got along. After spending a few more weeks together, Gary finally proposed to Lindsay, unaware that his life would soon take an unexpected turn.

Gary was over the moon about marrying Lindsay, which meant that after his wife’s sudden death, his family would finally be complete. However, Lindsay did not marry Gary to raise his son or replace his wife. She had other plans.

Shortly after the wedding, Lindsay began to complain to Gary that Anthony’s character was different. «He’s nothing like you, Gary,» she said to her husband.

«I know. Anthony’s as confident as his mother,» Gary smiled.

«Yes, he is confident. But he’s not as cute as you, honey,» said Lindsay. «He ran out of the kitchen during breakfast when I asked him when he would be home from his friend’s. He’s so rude sometimes».

«Come on, Lindsay,» said Gary. «He’s just a teenager. You know how they are».

Lindsey rolled her eyes and left the room, but Gary couldn’t understand the message his wife was trying to convey. Lindsey wanted him to know that she couldn’t get along with his son anymore.

A few days later, Gary was in the living room when he heard Lindsay talking to Anthony in the kitchen.

«I’m not gonna make you anything special, Anthony. You’re gonna have to starve if you don’t eat this because I can’t spend all my time cooking for you, okay?» said Lindsay.

«But my mom never made me eat vegetables. She always made me another dish when I told her I didn’t want to eat vegetables,» said Anthony.

«Well, you know what, Anthony? I’m not your mom!» Lindsay took a grumpy look and left the kitchen.

«Should I talk to her about this?» said Gary. He feared that it would ruin Lindsey’s relationship with Anthony if he interfered. He wanted them to understand each other, and he thought arguing was part of the process.

Instead of talking to Lindsay about what happened earlier, Gary ignored it and went about his business. He had no idea that Lindsay was actually conflict with Anthony because it was part of her plan.

The next day, Gary was at work when he called Lindsay and asked her to pick up Anthony from school because he was busy at work.

«Honey, I’d appreciate it if you’d pick Anthony up today. I won’t be able to get to his school on time,» he said. «Oh, sure, honey,» Lindsay replied. «I’ll pick him up.»

Lindsey pretended she was happy to pick Anthony up from school, but in reality, she didn’t want to do it. I don’t want to see that boy’s face, she thought while driving to Anthony’s school.

Later that day, Anthony asked Gary why he sent Lindsey instead of coming himself. «Dad, I don’t like riding in the car with Lindsey. I want you to pick me,» the teenager said.

«I was busy with work, Anthony,» Gary replied. «But why don’t you like riding in the car with your stepmother?»

Anthony told his father that Lindsey scolded him for no reason on their way back home and later made him do the dishes. «I feel so tired, Dad,» Anthony complained.

«She’s like your mother, and she wants what’s best for you, Anthony,» said the man who tried to comfort his son. «Don’t worry. I’m not sending her to school for you anymore, okay?».

The next day, Gary was sitting in the bedroom when Lindsay suddenly walked in and told him that she had argued with Anthony.
«Why can’t you teach your boy some manners?» she growled.
«What happened? Calm down, honey,» said Gary, holding her hands.
«Listen, Gary,» said Lindsay severely. «If you want me to live with you in this house, you need to get rid of that boy. I can’t handle his hysterics anymore!»

«It’s wrong, Lindsay,» said Gary calmly. «You need to calm down and think about it for a while. I can’t leave Anthony like this. He’s my son, and I love him».
«Then why don’t you leave me?» Lindsay rolled her eyes.
«Come on, honey,» said Gary. «You know I love you very much. You can’t compare yourself to Anthony. You both have a special place in my heart, and I know you’ll soon get along with him».

A few hours later, Lindsay was on the phone in the living room when Gary overheard her talking. » I think I can convince Gary to get rid of his annoying son,» said Lindsay.
«As soon as Gary hands him over for adoption, I can take over everything Anthony inherits in the future. I’ll make sure this boy doesn’t get a dime when he turns 18!» she added.
Gary’s heart was racing, and he felt his cheeks burst out of anger after he learned of Lindsay’s insidious plans. He could not believe that the woman he thought loved was interested in his wealth.
I should have listened to Anthony, thought Gary, and walked into the living room. «I didn’t expect that from you, Lindsay!» he shouted.

«Hey, Gary. That’s not what you think. Let me explain…»
«I wish I’d seen your evil side before,» Gary shook his head.
«No, Gary. I’m not evil. Please listen to me…»
In that moment, Gary realized how much he loved his son and that no one could force him to give up Anthony. After Lindsay left, Gary went into Anthony’s bedroom and hugged him.
«No one can keep us apart, dear,» said Gary. «I won’t let anyone hurt you».

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